My life told through clothes.

Whether it’s the Red Carpet or the Supermarket, I splash style for fun, comedy and sport, bringing radical to the Fadical. Life is meant to be well lived, well adorned. A perfectly themed outfit is the thread of life’s celebration. Let them ask, “Is she really going to wear that in public?” Watch and see!

Dare to Wear Different(ly).

New interactive feature! Alongside writing essays about fumbling through family, film, frolic, frocks and fashion faux pas, Diva on the Dole is going live in real time. I’m throwing open my closets – all 8 of them, including the car closet  – to the audience. Those same closets only talked about on the hit TV shows “My Shopping Addiction” and Bravo’s “L.A. Shrinks,” will now be showcased and you will be party to it! It’s better than TV because it’s real.

Play my virtual Paper Dolls. Join my Stylitics and interact with me as we (I take donations!) add pieces to my wardrobe, assemble outfits daily … and dare to wear them in public. Da-daism.

So, come on, chime in! Add color, mood and flair to my already outrageous expression! Undoubtedly, a story to tell will emerge from an outfit you help create.

Put together a [tastefully appropriate for public, please] outfit for me to wear to any event. If all the world’s a stage, and we are merely costumed players, give me the role; I will don it and document the outfit’s reactions.

Click here!

Wearing is Sharing!

xo Elizabeth

Diva on the Dole