wow, this country and chanting pura vida really works. I got really lucky today!!!!
During the deluge of rain, the hotel concierge ran out and got me a taxi to get to the bus.   I got the bus in Tilaran and happened to meet this Dutch girl (love the Dutch! So I was not only thought  ceho thought she could do it all in one day!!! so she had a friend of her host picking her up to rush her to the last canopy tour in monteverde cloud forest. I didnt want to impose, but she didn”t seem to mind since she didnt know the guy who was picking her up either. A long rough road bus trip with school kids getting on every stop that wasn’t even a stop (how did the flirty bus driver know each person’s stop i kept wondering. he was so , handsome but touchy feely to each young woman who got on or was walking — what a flirt
so the bus was heinously long and after a while looked like a misty tropical ireland, great but enough alreay when on gets – a motorcylen. a chair,,  ladies with shopping, teens with billabong shirts, flirty teens, teen with baby next to me. we swerved and i flew off the seat. the whole bus wanted to laugh  so i laughed to let them know, yes, im a dork, its ok to laugh at me. (this probably endeared them to me because they looked out for me when our stop came out of nowhere\
(sidenote also a habit ive developed is speaking four languages in a sentence i may randomly start with italian to try not to speak french which i think first, mi scuzzi por favor,, savez vous esta a bano. thanks!   perhapsbecause  its done with a smile they seem to know what im saying. funny)
 we see more cows, but dairy cows black and white. Saw cacao!!!!! and coffee plantations, more cows and beautiful rolling mountains. then another stop and Some cowboy leather guy got us that was her friends friend. very odd, so my dutch friend glad i was there. and the two of us glad to be off that bus of no reutnr (And i thought santa monica was far! after taking these 6 hour rides, that seems cake.
So the cowboy dude launched into 4wd and it was creepy a bit. where was this guy taking us? she had no idea either. then, around the bend, he  took us to the longest zip lines with Superman and Tarzan lines. it was such a surprise, that i put my contacts in hurriendly and for the second time the contact slid in back of my eye. i think it’s still there. i poked and terrified to fly through the air with one eye, now i have broken blood vessels. pray it clears up.
the last zip was scary as hell. Walking up to the patform I felt going to my hanging a la In Cold Blood, my knees were sinking. the zip was 7 50 meters long and over an open canopy see for miles and thunder and lightning and one eyed B…the rain was pelting my face. soaking wet in my guerilla boots. done. no more. no tarzan me jane. though i did yodel out tarzan yells a plenty. they were impressed at my vocals haha …The tarzan was a free fall bungee jump. 45 meteres. no thanks.
they even had coffee to warm up    …..then the place kept getting us free taxi rides. we just finished a night hike and saw so much wonder! a dink frog croaking with his whole body, many stick insects, scorpion scaling a tree, two ficus trees that were over hundred feet tall and had joined at the roots and a top, so in between was almost a heart, vines, helocrons, a tarantula waiting to pounce, centipede leaf cutter ant colonies all womenm the men are alseep util may while the women do the work for the queen who is underground, strangling fig trees, racoon in a wild tree nest high above, orchids white and purple… and the piece de la resistance — a young sloth! fantastic cute ball of muppetry. Furrry yoda /labrytnth cuteness!!! they move only 4 hours a day,!The guide said he’d never seen it move and wow!  we saw it eat, the claws kept moving. but all at a very slow lugubrious pace. they leave their moms after 2 years and just hang out in a ball the rest of their days. they only come down to the ground to  poo— good reason. apparently they have algae growing on them from being so stationary, so then moths grow in them to eat the excess algae and parasites on them balance out the moths…
both my cameras are on the dodge but lucky again…Dutch girl took great photos with my lighting and she’s got a computer so Im charging the bloggie.
The tour got us a cheap and gorgeous chalet really  so all this today cost me? with hotel travel hike zip food 60 bucks
or 120000 colones
Id love to get surfer culture tomorrow, Manuel Antonio? jaco? playa hermosa? or turtles toward caribean? my dutch roommate is going to nicaragua tomorrow. i coultid do that, but i would worry about making my plane…hmmm … that’s what i would do next time is caribbean, nicarague and panama. i feel like i can’t go chasing animals when it’s a gamble if turtles will be there, or nesting or whatever. but i know for sure surfers will be at the beaches!!! 🙂 ha don’t worry
. sweet julie packed up my stuff back  in liberia and since she’s going to see her grandmother in alleju! tomorrow, she’s bringing it there. that’s where my plane leaves from on friday. ARRIVE 11:58 pm friday night. can’t wait to see you. also, julie is arriving exactly the same time, so i told her we could take her too to drew’s in venice, is that ok>?. cant wait to see you. she has been amazing and has stress of her own to deal with. doing that has saved me a whole day of heinous buses.which are fine if you are here for months on end. but time is runnnnnnning out!!!
raining today so hard I actually am using a huge ass leaf as an umbrella. Ive gone native hahaha!
k got to sleep!  hotel knocking on door at 6 am for another cross country adventure tour.
NOTE: i am writing on a dutch computer which is more confusing that the spanish one earlier, the cursor keeps moving. the light is in bed with me, the monkeys and dogs are barking and the aphids and big bugs are bouncing around. this place hotel cipresses is all rustic wood and gorgeous, but it’s the rainforest, so bugs will be bugs 🙂  also, i can barely of the major drags i have not mentioned is that twice now my contacts ahve slipped into the side of my eye. yes. ouch. today i poked the hell out it to try to get it out and broke blood vessels in my eye. i think the contact is still in, fucking kills, and the tropics hurt it, so the guide says. i remember in sonoma…oy. but my glasses are a drag and i was afriad would fly into the rain forest off the zip line. then i’d really be fucked. i kind of dont ever want to travel again without lasix. major major problem myeyes. they hold me back a lot, as y ou know.