Wow, I´m already planning coming backto this country and doing it differently. I would get a 4wd and stick near the beach towns. I´ve been married to Liberia and Julie´s farm because that´s where the party´s been (which has been worth it and hilarious with this group made friends pora pura vida!)and “”day trips still mean 6 am wakeup, 6 hour drive eachway. So basically if you leave anytime after 9, your day is fucked and you can´t do much. If you do it cheap, gotto make even more time and less sleep. and lots less partying.The shrooms only workeda little, but the Junebugs were like a neon party rave . I put one in my white shirt and it lit up like behind a scrim. I felt like my own Bjork concert (who played here for free three months ago!) . I think it´d be a great costume I picture sufi dancers with millions of lightning bus in theoutfit. Natural and spinning light. Wild.
I realize how functional it´s been at Julie´s finca. I´m now in Tilaran Mts, on my way to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve hundreds of species of orchids, frogs, birds, and huge assplants from the mists (I´m picturing Avatar) But getting there is NOT half the fun. It´s taken me over an hour just to get the Internet to work in this small town. These are like the Costa Rican Alps and infact the hilss are studden withSwiss chalets and German bakeries with cute names like  Toad Hall¨or Gingerbread place3., Apparently communes. Quakers from Alabama protesting Korean war settled in nearby Santa Elena and set up a diry farm Cheese Factory right outsidethe cloud forest. But I can´t make a reservation tosave my life.The bus may be 2 bucks, butthey cancelled the 4 am bus and only have the 12¨30 bus, but because of the national countrywide prtest, it´çs a miracle ifit happens. I could get a private shuttle, but 1)very expensive this country NOT cheap. 2)can´t get the internet to load. Literally taken an hour to get to your email.
We went to Arenal volcano yesterday. It fumed, but hasn´t blown for a year. Since 1968, it violently erupted every hour and was spose tobe spectacular at night.
I miss surfers and want to spend my last day at the beach at Maneul Antonio, (Chris Wheaton´s suggestion!!!!)  I surf paradise, but with the protestand rough roads, it will be a bitch to get there. I had a fantastic 28 year old Argentine surfer in Santa Teresa though. Now THAT was drool worthy and the envy of Jasmine and Julie (who were stuck with their boyfriends) Thomas (Julie´s cousin= and I were supposed toget together buthe´s a crazymofo in a funny way, but got sowasted on tequila and cacique he passed out. Plus Argentina was HOT! Now my fbook friend and I definitely want to come back and visit him.