So after writing to Trish, one of the Story Producers for My Shopping Addiction, I immediately checked in on a top at J. Crew that Julie’s friend had worn in Costa Rica – a vibrant flame (love that language!) tee that made her pop. In Costa Rica, I couldn’t stop staring at her Latin beauty, dark hair and eyes and her deep, sensual clavicle. I had to ask, “Where’d you get the shirt? It’s glorious on you.” She laughed, brushing it off lightly. “Oh, my brother got this for me in San Jose (not to be confused with San Jose, California – though for a second I was, tired and jet-lagged….”J.Crew.” Huh? Wow.

Forgot about it until My Shopping Addiction wrote. Why is that the trigger?

Also a call from Free People about a scarf I’d liked, ugh turned into Guatemalan shorts, another scarf and a washed out butter tee with my sign, Aries, on it.

Then Target for Band-Aids for Roman turned into a yellow plaid cotton cami and a blue paper hat.

I’d been fine. Why the downward spiral?

But now…Must play chess with Roman. We’d left off at a really juicy point. I have his knight, but he’s got board control….