• God Bless the LAPD!!!!!!!
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    8:48pm, Five hours after my last pleading post…
    OMy GOD!!!!!!!!! Officer Gorby, I love you!!! One of the officers I chatted up today in Rampart District/Echo Park found my car!!!!! He asked if I happened to own a machete or a bb gun…uh no. Add that to what was in the car. Dr. Gorby coming to get me…scared to do the line up. THANK YOU God!!!! Everyone!
    Two hours later…
  • Elizabeth Johnson And the Dude WAS shopping in my car…wearing Roman’s hat, wearing my Raiders scarf. and took pictures of himself with my camera at a show. New rock t shirt. Wow.
  • Tim Fullerton Unbelievable Beth!! The darnedest things happen to you!! So glad it was a happy ending.
  • Elizabeth Johnson It gets even weirder. Car jacker’s name, it turns out, is the same name as my bf’s name. The cops kept asking me if I knew the jacker because on my camera were pictures of a Valentine I had made to my guy, and the cops thought I’d made it to the jacker…See More
  • Elizabeth Johnson And no, car hadn’t been towed. He took my keys and got in my car while I at the ATM. Jacked! I was holding on to the car, screaming “no” and “police” as he drove off. Three days later…I felt really sad and sorry for him handcuffed with Roman’s hat on…See More
  • Elizabeth Johnson I’m so, so grateful. Yes, there is stuff of mine missing that I would like back. And now I have some of Jacker’s clothes, Cds mixed in with mine (& his pretty moving lyrics) …and I’d like my down jackets and boots and Kate Spade purses, and have foun…See More
  • Genevieve Sedlack Waller Wow. I am so glad the car was found and that you are all right. What a story though; when you have some distance this has got to be fodder for some creative expression for you (my storyteller senses are tingling…:0)
  • Lucas Cantrell Stealing a car to go on a religious mission- haha that dude really needed some divine intervention from good ol detective EJ
  • Meg Patterson Wow! What a story! Yes, there’s a play there
  • Elizabeth Johnson I still can’t get over that he was driving around with my NYU alum license plate rim, my lip plumper in the drink holder, and swag from an LA art opening with Angelyne. This is Aloha and Pura Vida extraordinaire…
  • Diana Burbano I want to hear this on KPCC on one of those LA observed shows!
  • Rob Steiner glad you got your car back. now drive it over to El Cid tomorrow at 730 and come see my show.
  • Gero Kleindienst VW Jetta -> Good Choice!