More than keen – kugat – art show last night!

At 19, Karen Bystedt (NYU film, later Calvin Klein photographer) photographed Andy Warhol in 1982, five years before he passed. Andy took up being a sitter for her with flair. He bought a Perry Ellis suit and donned his best wig for the occasion. Karen shot him with sensitivity and candor. In my favorite, she zeroed in on the strength of his hands. These were in her storage – unbelievable. She’s the envy of all storage, I’ll say.

(Note: Her photo works of stars-when-they-were-nobodies is fascinating, too. Look for more on those.)

And the timing is right for A & W. I was reading that Christian Dior’s Fall 2013 collection was inspired by Warhol, particularly these Warhol Stamped Shoe with Butterfly. The text is sweet: “Fantasy and clothes go together a lot.”

I’ll have to bring out my QEII shirt with pop bananas on it by Dusty and part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts collection, valued at $300 (or so the original pricetag says… I bought it at The Lighthouse Charity Shop in Santa Monica for $4.)

He was, and still is, Living Theatre.