The Lost and Found Coachella scene is a world of its own. I am still looking for my slide out LG Verizon phone with a picture of 40 lb fat lila on it from the second weekend, even after tirelessly corresponding with very sensitive Thais Herrema (Good Samaritan!) from the staff. While looking for Rolling Stones tickets, I decided to post on craigslist.

Then, I saw this posting, which cracked/stirred the heart. I hope he finds his blue Amanda. (Also, a sweet meet cute for all Rom Com writers out there…or me…hmmm)

Borrowed Lighter @ Ferris Wheel

Date: 2013-04-17, 10:58AM

Amanda? I think that is your name. You had blue hair. Sorry, I was clearly on a lot of drugs and only remember the basics.

You gave me your lighter with the assurance of me returning it once we disembarked the ferris wheel. I looked you right in the eye and promised.

That was probably the best fucking ferris wheel ride I will ever have in my life. We used that lighter to spark a joint the size of a carrot and I got so high I almost pissed myself.

Lo and behold, I also got so high I forgot to find you and give you your lighter back. I felt like a total asshole and spent considerable time lurking around the polo fields looking for people with blue hair. It was actually pretty fun but my friends were not stoked.

Anyway, if you are this person, or know a female with blue hair possibly named Amanda who complained about some jerk off scamming her out of a lighter at Coachella, send me an email and I will make it up to you.

  • Location: Coachella/Orange