Like classic movies that sometimes fall through the cracks in our repertoire, Lilly Pulitzer fell through mine. My friend Cristina is from Pasadena and was born surrounded by little Pulitzer people. Not me, who wore uniforms or costumes all my life. I tend to discover designers through thrift store adventures that spark oral discussions with fashion history buffs. I like learning on my feet. Or inside the fabrics.

So, it wasn’t until I was at a little charity shop in Los Gatos (Happy Dragon) and then again a warm and snuggly shop in Palo Alto (Empire Vintage), as well as Jacqueline (The Left Bank) that I got some dirt on Lilly. According to Tiffany at Empire, Lilly made white shift dresses for herself for a comfy life in Florida. Her husband had orange groves and, dismayed at the orange juice that continually splattered her white dresses, she bought a silk screen designed patterns to hide or incorporate the stains. When Jackie O. got one, the dresses took off. Country club fare in Palm Beach took to the bright near-neon flowers with her cursive name masqueraded inside. The preppy pinks and greens, lemons and pineapples, blue dragons and lions – they are having a deserved revival, in part due to her recent death in April.

I can’t get enough of tennis skirt and curve fitting waffle dresses.