Last year, 2013, bygones ago, praises be! – I introduced the idea of wearing everything in my closets, a piece (or two) a day. The rehearsals went well in January and while I feel vulnerable, I am also confident that by year’s end, I will have purged with pleasure. It’s Survivor time, Threads. Who will be the last shirt standing?

Rules: Wear it.

Like it? Put it back in the closet for a second round.

Lump it? Put it in one of the big boxes with its classification (long shirt/short shirt, etc) listed clearly.

If an item is yearned for in the box, it may be taken out.

Goal: Manageable closets where things aren’t falling on my head. A calm rotation of items to be implemented.

Foreseeable obstacles: The weather in LA. One reason I loathe this place, is its mercurial weather. It can’t make up it’s mind and I’m usually wearing not enough on one side of “town sprawl” and too much on another. Its variations of hot during the day and freezing at night are crazy making. My 1920s bungalow will have a wind chill factor, while its a heat wave right outside my door and I’m in a parka with a cable knit sweater underneath. I walk around in booties made for and by a Russian bubby. I sleep in cashmere with seven layers, two sweats, mittens, and a fat cat that’s acting as my comfort heater. I’m always sniffly, always underdressed and it’s very difficult to put things away by season. New York may have blizzards, but at least its statements are clear!

In order not to stress myself in the preliminary rounds of Wear Everything Project, this being a two-year project, I am not Pressuring myself to get rid of anything permanently, merely doing a transfer to the garage for now. Unless it’s heinous or hurts, as I’ve already experienced with some BDG flats.

I will make a box in the garage as well for “to sell” or donate.

Wear it or eat it!