For whatever reason, there is no Savers, billed as the “thrift department store,”  in Los Angeles. My loss never registered. Until now.

My introduction to Savers was in Maui with Bank Robber. He was a firm believer. It was Halloween time and we needed costumes for the famous Lahaina parade, which at the time was so wild that the po-po have had to intervene and shut it down.

For his costume, Bank Robber wanted to be Kid n Play. He was on the hunt for overalls, a wig and bling. I hadn’t a notion about the glories of Saver. I’d been a big Goodwiller, have my favorite Out of the Closets, National Jewish Council of Women Thrift Shops, and Discovery Shops, but this was different. These people didn’t know what they had. Goodwill’s gotten savvy to the ebay vintage store owner hoarder crowd, those who buy cheap – and mark up for high profit.

Savers Hawaii: I ended up getting a brilliant Hawaiian dictionary and Hawaiian legend book, which I needed for research. Bank Robber not only got his overalls, bling $ necklace, and additions to his closet with Hawaiian shirts. He got a mini golf set that he cut up into Kid n Play head and spray painted black.

It was a good experience, but didn’t think about it beyond that since we didn’t have one in LA. Until yesterday when in San Jose, and my ebay buddy said he saw my favorite vintage place with CARTS of stuff from there. Secret out! And better? Savers was having their 50% off sale.

Savers for all!